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Higher Education Memberships- Global Education

Hi everyone,
I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Global Education and was wondering what memberships you would suggest for working in international schools or memberships I could utilize to find a job, gather information, etc. Thank you!
Rebecca C 10


Prof Yogesh Kumar Sharma

I am Former Vice Chancellor and now devoted to education quality assessment and working as approved Assessor of NAAC (An accreditation agency Of India)
Yogesh Kumar Sharma 10


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University professor's dedication wins over his students

One college professor should be dubbed "Professor of the Year" after he made an unexpected visit to a group of students studying the night before a big exam.

Kristina Mueller was one of the students, hurriedly preparing for her accounting exam last Thursday in the Joyner Library on East...
Andrei Shumelev 313 (club expert)
Published in group «Club's members»


Recruiting students

Dear colleagues, how do you think, is it nessessary to use several platforms to recruit students?
Helga Kopirtugh 56


International Student Recruitment

International education is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Increased access to primary and secondary education, as well as growing wealth and employment opportunities means that the world’s student population is more mobile that it has ever been before, and...
Helga Kopirtugh 56


Dear colleagues, can you still advise something and how does your institution adapt students?

In an increasingly multicultural society, Wasatch Academy is invested in the success of its domestic and international students. Many students at public schools have preconceptions regarding ethnicity, but 59 percent of students from private boarding schools say that having a diverse student body...
WAcademy 20


Who is the "prime commissioner" of a university transformation?

Who is the "prime commissioner" of a university transformation? Whether it is the university itself (the changes are initiated by the university teaching staff and administration as "there is nothing to prevent this change")? Or the "commissioner of transformations" is external and acts from the...
Ekaterina Shigapova 48


Your opinion about he model of 'entrepreneurial university'

At present the model of 'entrepreneurial university' is under hot discussion. For example, in 2015 forty-six universities from Top-50 of the Times Higher Education Ranking declared the entrepreneurship mission as their main priority. Moreover, all the universities of Top-20 of the BRICS ranking...
Ekaterina Shigapova 48


What are the best films for foreign language immersion?

Here we can discuss the films that we watch or used to watch when learning a foreign language. What films do you consider most useful and effective for yourself and why?