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Azat Fattakhov(club expert)
#1, 06.06.2017
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My name is Azat, I am a member of the HED - international journal team.
Currently working on series of webinars for Universities around the world to join the HED club.

If you have colleagues that you would like to invite to the club - make sure you also invite them to one of the webinars:

1) June 9, at 9:30 (Moscow time)
2) June 16, at 9:30 (Moscow time)
3) June 22, at 9:30 (Moscow time)
4) June 22, at 19:00 (Moscow time) - for colleagues from North and South America
Maria Buklaeva(administrator)
#2, 06.06.2017
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I am Maria, a member of the Accreditation in education team. Working on... seems working on everything here ::smile4::.

I am also a speaker of the webinars for Russian-speaking colleagues. See you all June 22, at 13-30 (Moscow time).
Fu Lei
#3, 06.06.2017
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Hello Azat, Hi Maria! Nice to get to know you! I am looking forward to attending the webinar.
Jean Paul Buffet
#4, 06.06.2017
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Hello! I am Jean from the University of Britany. I am glad to be here and to meet you all! Currently, I am working on linguistic projects and preservation of endangered languages

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Andrei Shumelev(club expert)
#5, 07.06.2017
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Hi! My name is Andrei and I am also the member of the HED team.
Feel free to contact
For more details:
Phone: +7 (937) 111-50-40
Daria Surova
#6, 08.06.2017
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I am Dasha from D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university.

I am a teacher of Russian language and Head of Center quality assessment and development of educational technology. I am glad to be here!
Marina Sidelnikova
#7, 08.06.2017
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A reply to the answer #6 of user Daria Surova
Nice to meet you here, Daria!! Welcome to our HEDclub! ::smile1::
My name is Marina. I am also the part of HED team.
Feel free to contact:
Daria Surova
#9, 15.06.2017
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A reply to the answer #7 of user Marina Sidelnikova
Marina, thanks for the info. Will be glad to communicate and cooperate!
Cristina Parulava
#8, 08.06.2017
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Hello! My name is Cristina and I am a HED Club member, too. I've been working on the English version of our site. Nice to meet everybody here! Hope for interesting and fruitful cooperation.

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#10, 19.06.2017
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Hi everybody! I'm Guang, from Dalian Medical University.Thanks for the invitation. It looks like a great communication platform I've never seen before. Sure I'll find a lot of interesting people and things here!
Yulia Yakovleva
#11, 28.06.2017
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Hello everybody!
My name is Yulia, I am from Eastern European University Association (EEUA). I am responsible for University Relations & Global Marketing at EEUA. My professional interests are as follows:
1) global promotion of HEIs from Russia & CIS and ooperation with them,2) the largest global events such as NAFSA & EAIE (an affordable participation for institutions from Russia & CIS)3) potential academic partners search4) Internationalization of HigherEd
So if I can help you with something, please let me know! ::smile0::I am open for any questions via What'sup/email, +7 903 85 163 87
Yogesh Kumar Sharma
#12, 19.02.2018
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A reply to the answer #11 of user Yulia Yakovleva
HI, I am interested in developing relations with Russia , last year I had visited for one APQN Conference.I can come address Russian students about Indology and give you support in India.