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How quickly get used to a foreign country...

Dear colleagues! Do you have special staff at the university who help first-year students enter the student life? It is often difficult to adapt ...

Ways of working with such students. Please, tell me how it is work in your university.

Discussion is started by Elina Dimitriady06.06.2017 464
Tobias Schenke
#1, 06.06.2017
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Elina, quite an interesting question. Some students lack the language proficiency. Simply they do not speak the foreign language the needed level. So its up to international department to guide overseas students.

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Dmitry Darius
#2, 07.06.2017
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Yes, i agree, it is very interesting question. as we don't have many foreign students we attract local students with good english level. that way we solve 2 problems - foreign students find new friends and adapt faster to new country, and our students improve their knowledge of english..::smile1::