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Skepticism of internationalization

Recently I often hear skepticism about international students and the idea of putting domestic students as a priority. What is your opinion, positive and negative experience on hosting foreign students?
I am particularly interested in Xenophobia and discrimination against foreign or domestic students and flow of integration/assimilation of international students in your university
Discussion is started by Jean Paul Buffet26.06.2017 253
Cristina Parulava
#1, 26.06.2017
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Well, Monsieur Buffet, I can only judge from my experience but when I worked at the technical university some years ago, we had numerous students from the Caucasus, Middle East, China, and I noticed no sign of discrimination or xenophobia either from teachers or from their fellow students. On the contrary, our university authorities did their best to provide good living and academic conditions for foreign students, offered them the Russian language courses so that they could better adapt to a new environment. Also, foreigners quickly made friends with their Russian peers which helped them learn Russian quickly and feel much more comfortable than at the beginning of their studies.