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Marketing strategies

Hi everyone! My name is Lei.

what ways and means do you use to attract foreign students?
Is it training or conditions, accommodation, career opportunities?

Discussion is started by Fu Lei05.06.2017 435
Adam Ostin
#1, 05.06.2017
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Hi! In my experience good scholarship program always attracts students :)

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Fu Lei
#2, 05.06.2017
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Yes, I agree with you, Adam. No doubt, training programms is worth mentioning. In addition, the university ranking plays a great role.
Josip Babic
#3, 05.06.2017
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the three "R" rule: Reputation, reputation, reputation!
Adam Ostin
#4, 05.06.2017
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A reply to the answer #3 of user Josip Babic
Hehehe:) that is so true, Josip!
Jean Paul Buffet
#5, 05.06.2017
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Work to improve your University’s rankings, in the global ranking systems (ARWU, QS)
Tobias Schenke
#6, 06.06.2017
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Frankly speaking, tuition fee is the priority question for foreigners. In some countries there are no fees for international students.