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Online courses and myths about them

Some people say online courses are the effective and convenient way to get a degree. While others consider them noneffective, and they will never be as competent as learning at a real university.
Dear friends lets discuss this vital statement and share your thoughts.
Tobias Schenke 38


What is your favorite joke related to the higher education?

(about university, students life, professors etc.)
Azat Fattakhov 252 (club expert)
Published in group «University Humour»


Let's get to know each other!

Write few words about yourself and what are you working on)


What are the best films for foreign language immersion?

Here we can discuss the films that we watch or used to watch when learning a foreign language. What films do you consider most useful and effective for yourself and why?


Your news on your website!

Working with universities I see that some web pages have full coherent information about all the departments and activities, with 2-3 news or announcements every week, and some web sites are not updated for ages.

Who is responsible for keeping your universities web page up to date?


Language learning methods

What are the most effective ways of mastering foreign languages (especially when you have no opportunity to go abroad and immerse in the language environment)?
Let's vote and find out!


Marketing strategies

Hi everyone! My name is Lei.

what ways and means do you use to attract foreign students?
Is it training or conditions, accommodation, career opportunities?

Fu Lei 33


Is German really hard to learn? If so, why?

A question to native German speakers, or those who know it well, or everybody who tries hard to master it))


How quickly get used to a foreign country...

Dear colleagues! Do you have special staff at the university who help first-year students enter the student life? It is often difficult to adapt ...
Elina Dimitriady 19


Skepticism of internationalization

Recently I often hear skepticism about international students and the idea of putting domestic students as a priority. What is your opinion, positive and negative experience on hosting foreign students?
I am particularly interested in Xenophobia and discrimination against foreign or domestic...
Jean Paul Buffet 56