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THE Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2017: ready for the next level?

The Asia-Pacific region is the most dynamic in the higher education world. In terms of students and research and development activity, it is larger than Europe and the UK, and one day it will become as important as the US and Canada.
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Higher Education in the Russian Federation

This article describes current trends in education and international student mobility in the Russian Federation. It includes an overview of the education system (including recent reforms), a look at student mobility into and out of the country, and a guide to educational institutions and qualifications.
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APAIE-2017: Trends of Globalization and International Education in Russia

The 12th International Conference & Exhibition APAIE in the field of higher education was completed in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) on March, 24. This year it was organized by five Taipei universities, led by the National University of Sun Yat-sen. At this largest educational forum in the Asia-Pacific region Project 5-100 participants were exhibited at the joint stand of Project 5-100. University staff held negotiations with representatives of foreign universities aiming to strengthen cooperation and establish new business contacts.
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