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Translating Your Materials for International Recruitment

In implementing international recruitment activities, educational institutions have to provide their marketing materials in other languages. What are the pros and cons of producing recruiting content in foreign languages? What kind of content should be produced? What should we do to create consistent and appropriate foreign language content? Read more to find out.


Subject Line Tips for Your Next Email Campaign

Email marketing strategy has been successfully employed in international student recruitment. A qualitative analysis has been conducted to evaluate the open rate of email campaigns to prospective students according to the subject line. What subject line approaches can be used to increase the open rates for student recruiting emails and enhance their effectiveness? Read more to find out.


International Student Recruitment Tips for 2017

An effective education marketing strategy is a key to successful recruitment of foreign students. To make it work, recruiters should combine various marketing methods and approaches aiming to attract students. Let’s look at 5 top trends in international student recruitment outlined by Jemma Davies, Postgraduate and International Marketing Manager.


8 Reasons to Use Online Education Portals in International Student Recruitment

Today, international student recruitment is unthinkable without digital marketing technologies. But which online recruitment channels have proved to be the most effective? According to international higher education marketing and recruitment professionals, an education portal is the most valuable marketing investment. Read more about the advantages of online portals helping recruiters to attract more international students.


Measuring the ROI of Education Portals: Best Practices

Recently, online marketing channels have become a powerful student recruiting tool but many educational institutions still find it difficult to measure the results of their online marketing activities and handle the vast amount of data available. How to effectively measure ROI of education portals and avoid typical mistakes? What Internet tools should be used for tracking prospective students? Read more to find out.


6 Ways to Smash Your Chinese Student Recruitment Goals

China, being the world’s largest source of international students, has long been targeted by foreign higher education institutions. However, there are still some challenges arising from lack of culture adaptation or using the wrong marketing tools to attract Chinese students. The following article covers 6 ways to make the Chinese student recruitment process more effective.


Designing Websites for Higher Ed: An Interview with Bob Johnson

Here’s the interview with Bob Johnson, the president of Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC and partner at Customer Carewords, Ltd, who’s worked with 82 higher education institutions since 2006, helping them improve their websites and develop better marketing approaches. In the interview he answers the following questions: what a good university website is, what mistakes websites make, what should be prioritized when developing website content, etc.


Essential Instagram Marketing Strategies for Higher Education

Launched in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most important social media sites. Many educational institutions have established their active presence on Instagram, so it is actively used now for student recruitment. Read more about the most effective methods for engaging prospective students on Instagram and the site features recruiters can make the most of.


The Best Social Media Ad Platforms for Recruiting Students

Over the past decade, social media have become an essential part of our life. They also can be of utmost importance in searching for prospective students but there is still a problem of choice. Read more about the most popular social media ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to student recruitment.


Tactics for International Student Recruitment in China: Getting Results from Chinese Search Engines

Using digital marketing technologies to recruit Chinese students can be a challenge due to some Internet restrictions such as banned globally popular websites. The article looks at the biggest players in the Chinese search markets: Baidu (‘the Google of China’), Qihoo 360, Sogou, and their options that enhance the student recruitment process in China.