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How to Create an International Student Recruitment Action Plan

More and more colleges and universities are increasing and diversifying their international student populations. They are declaring internationalization a key component of future success and they require an action plan to promote it. Read more to find out what universities should do to attract as many international students as possible and what digital marketing techniques will help them in the recruitment process.


In plain English: 5 tips for simplifying your content writing for international students

What makes the international student recruitment process more effective? Content writing is of utmost importance here. Make sure your website is understandable, your content is readable, and your communications are clear even for students with limited English language proficiency. The following article will show you how to do it.


Why more universities are using online student recruitment in 2017

Nowadays digital marketing technologies (optimizing university websites, webinars, chat sessions, and interactive virtual campus tours) are becoming a dominant factor in the international student recruitment process. So, how to make this process simple, quick, and effective? Read more to find out.