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University Humour
18 участников 19 подписчиков 12 записей
The place to share funny stories that happen in your universities and jokes that can be used as educational tool
Higher Education Discovery journal
20 участников 21 подписчик 11 записей
International journal for professionals in the field of Higher Education
Teaching and learning foreign languages: problems, solutions, strategies
16 участников 17 подписчиков 39 записей
This group has been created for sharing any relevant experience, discussing any problems and challenges that you or your students have ever faced, offering methods and strategies that can make the learning or teaching process more effective!
International cooperation
21 участник 24 подписчика 22 записи
Group for specialists of external relations departments and international offices. Participants can add useful and simply interesting materials, create discussions on professional issues and topics.
Upcoming international conferences
25 участников 25 подписчиков 149 записей
Join this group to know about all the conferences that HEDclub members host or join, and to promote conferences that you are hosting!
Academic Exchange and Mobility
15 участников 16 подписчиков 61 запись
Academic mobility, which includes mobility of students and staff, for both teaching and training, has always been considered as a key, if not defining element of Internationalization.
Club's members
18 участников 18 подписчиков 9 записей
Lets make our club cozy and user-friendly.
Trends, Analysis & Statistics
15 участников 15 подписчиков 14 записей
Top market reports on the Higher Education Industry
6 участников 6 подписчиков 3 записи
Group of club’s moderators.
Campus Life
7 участников 7 подписчиков 3 записи
University Campus Solutions