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Pathways in International Education: Charting the Course

This year’s theme, Pathways in International Education: Charting the Course, looks at the mechanisms that enable collaboration and opportunities in international education. The term ‘Pathways’ can be interpreted in different ways and there are many players who work together to enable these education and transition opportunities. Whether it is an international school, language school, school board, college, technical institute, university, organization, industry partner, or government, the success of pathways rests on the collaborative efforts of those involved to identify and strengthen pathways that create opportunities in international education. At CBIE’s 51st Annual Conference we will work together to ensure that the necessary tools are available to create sustainable pathways and chart the course in international education.

Registration is now open! Click here for further information.

Date: from 19 november to 22 november
Published in the group «Upcoming international conferences»

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