Continued activities of students of International University Travnik within the Erasmus + mobility program

Within  the framework of the Erasmus + mobility program, a third year students of the Faculty of Economics, Zahid Varupa and Lejla Šoto, a third year student of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engeneering at the International University Travnik, are staying within and listening/participating in the winter semester of Academic 2017/18 at Kazimieras Simonavičius University in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Students are very pleased with the reception by the hosts from KSU, and they are very positive about the their decision to participate in the Erasmus + mobility program at this University. "Although I arrived in Lithuania seven days ago, I can say that I feel  very comfortable here. I have already acquired new friendships and mostly with Erasmus students who arrived from Italy and France. My wish is to, above all, to improve my knowledge of English language and to get to know the culture of this country." said Zahid Varupa.


At the same time, his colleague, Lejla Šoto underlined the following: "I have decided to participate in the mobility of students because I want to improve my foreign language and to gain new friendships, to meet different people and their culture. I have decided for Lithuania because it is a country in which I've never been and the one I want to explore. In these seven days, since arrival, I have visited the sights of Vilnius and traveled to Trakai, one of the most popular touristic destinations in Lithuania. Hosts of KSU and Coordinators for International Cooperation are very friendly. "


Erasmus+ aims to achieve synergy and encouragement in different areas of education, training and youth, by removing artificial boundaries between different activities  varieties of projects, develop new ideas, attracting new participants from the business world and civil society and through encouraging new forms of cooperation as well.



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