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D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

The Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering was established in January 2017 as a result of optimization of the university structure.

The name of new faculty is due to a wide range of educational programs offered by the applicants, as Engineering, being a branch of science and technology activities and will include a number of specialized fields and disciplines, based on the tenets of fundamental science and the results of applied research focused on practical application and people use of scientific and practical knowledge.

The faculty of FI includes more than 80 full-time teachers, including 34 doctors and candidates of sciences, 29 - have a master's degree.

The faculty carries out preparation on ten specialties of a bachelor's degree, five specialties of master’s, one specialty of doctoral studies.

Education at the Faculty conducted in the state and Russian languages ​​- full-time and correspondence courses; in polylingual group classes are conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

Educational Process Organization

The Faculty includes 4 sub-departments:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Technological machines and Equipment
  3. Water and Forest resources
  4. The History of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan people Assambley

Faculty carry out preparation of bachelors, masters and doctors PhD on the following specialties


Faculty of Information Technology and Business

Department of Information Technology and Business embodies the most advanced and popular professions today. We prepare professionals in the following areas: information technology, instrumentation and automation, power engineering, mathematical and computer modeling, radio engineering, electronics engineering and telecommunications, economy. Currently there are 8 divisions inside the department.

The mission of the Department is: "To provide quality educational and research services in order to train highly qualified specialists in the field of information technology and power engineering and business, as well as effective implementation of innovations in science and higher education."

 Academic Activity

The faculty has 14 programs for Undergraduate courses, 14 programs for Post-graduate courses and 4 programs for PhD.

The Faculty of Earth Sciences

The Faculty of Earth Sciences was formed in 1995. Establishment of The Faculty of Earth Sciences is logical and related to the specific character of the region, where a considerable part of minerals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and, thereafter, the largest mining and processing enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex concentrate. Successful performance of these enterprises in some extent depends on qualified engineering staff, whose education and training are carried out in this faculty.

The faculty gives an opportunity to get the specialties, which are essential in the region, where mining and metallurgical enterprises play basic role.

Currently, there are more than 1300 students at the faculty who are trained in eight bachelor's specialties, eight specialties of master's degree and two specialties of doctor's degree.

Academic Activity

The Department includes sub-departments:

  • Chemistry, Metallurgy and Enrichment of Ores - Majoring;
  • Geology and Mining - Majoring;
  • Life Defense and Environment Protection - Majoring;
  • Geodesy, Land Surveying and Cadastre - Majoring;
  • Physical Education and Sport;
  • Foreign languages;
  • History of Kazakhstan and Law.

The sub-departments train bachelors on the following majors:

  • 5В070900 – «Metallurgy»
  • 5В073700- «Mineral Processing»
  • 5В070600 – «Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits»
  • 5В070700 – «Mining Engineering»
  • 5В073100 – «The safety of Human Life and Protection of Environment»
  • 5В071100 – «Geodesy and Cartography» 
  • 5В090300 – «Land Surveying»
  • 5В090700 – «Cadastre»

The sub-departments train Masters on the following majors:

  • 6М070900 – «Metallurgy»
  • 6М073700-« MineralProcessing»
  • 6М070600 – «Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits»
  • 6М070700 – «MiningEngineering»
  • 6М073100 – «The safety of Human Life and Protection of Environment»
  •  6М071100 – «Geodesy» 
  • 6М090300 – «LandSurveying»
  • 6М090700 – «Cadastre»


  • 6D070900 – «Metallurgy»
  • 6D070600 – «Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits».

All specialties have governmental licenses.

Terms of Training:


  • Full-TimeTraining - 4 years;
  • Correspondence Training After Higher Education - 2 years;
  • Correspondence Training after Secondary Technical School (Full-Time Training and Correspondence Training) - 3 years;

Masters (Full-TimeTraining):

  • 1,5 years - Professional;
  • 2,0 years - Scientific-Pedagogical;

Doctorate (Full-Time Training) – 3 years.


Military Sub-Department

Military training of students on military sub-departments of higher educational institutions is a successive and purposeful process of their training and character building. 

Military training of students at the Military sub-department is organized and carried out in accordance with the demand of guidance documents of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and study programms by speciality.

Organization of the military training process on the Military sub-department includes: teaching work; the faculty and subordinate staff qualification  improvement; methodic work; military-scientific, military-research; inventive and rationalization work; measures for development and improvement of training material-technical base and material provision of the training process; military-patriotic education and defense-mass work with the students; measures for discipline supporting; training sessions of students in military units; credit-tests, course work, and final exams.

D. Serikbaev EKSTU Military sub-department trains specialists for Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan on four military specialties:

  • ВУС021001– “Battle Use of Motorized Infantry Subdivisions, Units on  Bradley Fighting Vehicles»
  • ВУС310100– “Finance and the military economy”
  • ВУС420200– “Operation and maintenance of basic machinery of armored vehicles”
  • ВУС560200– “Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles”

There is the following staff at the Military sub-department:

Faculty – 15 people;

Engineering-technical staff  – 3 people;

Subordinate staff – 8 people;

All in all  - 26 people.

The Foundation Faculty

The faculty provides training in the Foundation programme. The Foundation programme is an intensive academic, scientific and linguistic preparation of students to undergraduate programs. Training is possible in the framework of the state grant and on a paid basis. According to the results of the training Program, preparatory, departments of EKSTU. D. Serikbayev accept students for further study at undergraduate.


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