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Azat Fattakhov252
HED - project manager
Mari El Republic, Йошкар-Ола
Publication is placed in the group «Higher Education Discovery journal»
The publishing house, that has initiated the HED project, has 12years of publishing experience. For all these years we have beenpublishing the leading Russian journal in the area of quality ineducation – the Accreditation in Education
Our objective is to be in the center of all current events and to tracktrends of education development. However, our utmost priority is tokeep the readers to be informed on these activities and tendencies.Internationalization is one of the leading trends in education. Moreover,the interest to it in the professional community is constantly growing. Our survey conducted among the international departments of universities fromdifferent countries indicated the similar results.The Higher Education Discovery Journal is a novel integration media project thatbecame a response to the demand of the present time.
Published in the group «Higher Education Discovery journal»

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