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How Foreign Exchange Students Can Adapt to a New School

In an increasingly multicultural society, Wasatch Academy is invested in the success of its domestic and international students. Many students at public schools have preconceptions regarding ethnicity, but 59 percent of students from private boarding schools say that having a diverse student body reduces cliques and prejudices.

Whether your hometown is right down the road or a few thousand miles away, Wasatch Academy is the place for you.

Recommendations to Adapting to a New School

Introduce yourself to students in your classes and offer to work together on class assignments.

Spend time with international and American friends. You can join a multicultural club or sport that interests you to balance your social and academic life.

Remember that you choose your attitude. Choosing to be outgoing and friendly will make a world of difference when trying to make new friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, most students will be more than willing to help you understand the culture if they see you are trying to embrace theirs.

Comfort Zone

Finding a comfort zone in a different country can be a challenge for international students, especially students at boarding high schools. You may find yourself grouping together with other students of your nationality. Don’t let language and cultural barriers hold you back.

Many international students say that they are worried about their accent or their cultural norms not fitting in at their new school. The truth is that students at boarding high schools love embracing new cultures and ideas.

A recent survey showed that 85 percent of American students were open to international friendships, but only one in three international students reported to have close American friends. Being willing to move outside of your comfort zone and embrace your differences will lead to more enriching experiences and friendships here in the United States.



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