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Hungary Ambassador to China Attends CUPL Ambassador Forum

On May 18, 2017, Prof. Feng Shiyong, Vice President of CUPL met with H.E. Ms. Andrea Cecilia Szilas, Hungarian Ambassador to China and Ms. Szonja Buslig, Cultural Counselor at the Changping campus. 

 Prof. Feng extended his warm welcome and cited the recent visit of President Xi Jinping to CUPL. He expressed thanks to ambassador’s visit during the 65th anniversary of CUPL. Prof. Feng also pointed out that since the establishment of the “Ambassador Forum,” a high-level international platform at CUPL in 2006, a total of 29 ambassadors to China have been invited to give lectures. With high attention paid to its international education strategy, CUPL has set up partnerships with 215 high-profile universities in 45 countries and regions, including 11 universities in 7 central and eastern European (CEE) countries. For instance, Eötvös Lorrös University (ELTE) and Central European University (CEU) in Hungary are among the European partners of China-EU Schools of Law (CESL) which is jointly founded by the Chinese government and the European Union. Prof. Feng hoped that, taking the ambassador’s visit as an opportunity, there will be more cooperation and exchanges between CUPL and high-profile universities in Hungary. 

 Ms. Andrea Cecilia Szilas said that she was very glad to visit CUPL. Meanwhile, the embassy will actively promote exchanges and cooperation between Hungarian universities and Chinese universities, including CUPL. 

 After the meeting, Ms. Andrea Cecilia Szilas gave a wonderful lecture on the “Educational Exchange between China and Hungary” for the faculty and students of CUPL. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Gao Xiang, Dean of College of Comparative Law Studies of CUPL. 



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