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International Conference on new educational technologies #EDCRUNCH 2017: Education 3.0. Technologies for individualization and personalization.

As life changes, education and attitudes change. The development of information technology: e-learning, network platforms, large data and artificial intelligence bring education to a new level. The conference #EdCrunch collects the best world cases so that you can start building the future education today.

For whom?

The conference will be of interest to everyone who is interested in innovations in education. We invite representatives of the professional educational community (teachers, teachers, heads of educational institutions and corporate universities, representatives of educational departments), as well as patrons, founders of charitable foundations, investors and start-ups who develop educational projects.

What will be remembered by #EdCrunch?

Stunning speakers and vivid discussions, useful cases and new acquaintances, lively discussions with experts and informal communication with like-minded people.

The main theme of #EdCrunch 2017:

«Education 3.0. Technologies for individualization and personalization. "

Personalized training is one of the most discussed and most popular forms of education at any level of education. But the effectiveness of its application depends not only on technological capabilities, but also on the competencies of the teacher and his willingness to move forward.

Why else should you come to the conference?

The task of # EdCrunch is to look into the future and see what kind of education will be in five to ten years. To do this, we collect people who are already changing the educational environment.

We will help you to look at the world educational cuisine so that you will see the best innovative schools and appreciate why Finland's position in the educational rating is stronger every year, first-hand knowledge of what advanced world universities live and how they teach in global companies.

We believe that this will help you to create your own recipe for future education.

Where else, except Moscow?

In 2017, the conference #EdCrunch expanded its geography and entered the regions. In April, #EdCrunch St. Petersburg was held - the first large-scale parent forum and #EdCrunch Ural, dedicated to new educational technologies in the university. On September 9-10, #EdCrunch Far East will be held, the topic of which is "New educational technologies in the school".


Date: from 25 september to 27 september
Published in the group «Upcoming international conferences»

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