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International Education UK EXPO - Spring 2018

The International Education UK EXPO offers international education institutions, of any discipline and from any country, the opportunity to present their courses to thousands of pre-selected and pre-screened students in the UK and Ireland 's most productive markets. 

Reasons to Attend

With the growing number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses being offered in English across Europe and Asia, universities on these continents are becoming a much more credible alternative to studying at home. Studying abroad in a foreign language has historically been the most challenging obstacle for UK students to overcome. Now, a growing number of highly-ranked, elite institutions all over the world are offering many of their programmes in English, with many more following suit.

While most attribute the growing UK international student market to the hike in tuition fees, The Graduate Prospects survey found that for 33% of UK students studying abroad the main motivation for doing so, was actually an appetite for adventure. This would seem to support the growing number of UK students studying in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where the cost of travel ensures that the whole study-abroad experience is not necessarily less than at home. This key motivating factor, meanwhile, provides hope of increased UK and Irish student numbers for institutions in Asia and the Middle East, which have not traditionally been recipients of students from these markets.

Market Overview
The UK international student markets have reached unprecedented levels in recent years.
UNESCO reports that there are currently 27,400 UK students studying abroad - higher than at any other time. The UK has recorded year-on-year increases in students studying abroad since 2008. Various studies have suggested increases of around 20-23% in the last five years alone.
UK student participation in the Erasmus programme has increased every year since 2007, and recently Fulbright USA published statistics confirming that the UK is now the largest European source of international students at US universities, having overtaken Germany and Turkey this year.
Fair Outline
  • High student quality: Student participants are screened through online questionnaires to ensure only the highest quality visitors attend the events.
  • Highest returning client rate in the market: 81%
  • Agent Meeting Place: All participants are provided with the contact details of agents in each of the expo cities at no additional cost.
  • Logistics: Studycentral is happy to arrange all your accommodation, transportation, and translator needs.

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Date: from 17 march to 18 march
Published in the group «Upcoming international conferences»

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