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Leading universities in China

About This Statistic
This statistic provides a ranking of the leading universities in China as of 2016-2017, as ranked by Times Higher Education. That year, Peking University ranked highest in China with an overall score of 77.5.

Supplementary notes
The number one ranked university in the world (not seen in this list) has a score of 100 and the scores of all other institutions around the world are expressed as a percentage of the top rating university's score. In this list only Chinese universities are depicted.
To calculate the rankings the following criteria were considered.
Teaching (30%) - the learning environment
Research (30%) – volume income and reputation
Citations (30%) – research influence
Industry income (2.5%) – innovation
International Outlook (7.5%) staff, students and research.


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Комментарии (2)

Bob Jacobson, 13.07.17 в 10:32 0 Ответить Пожаловаться
Interesting statistics on rankings. No doubt, Chinese universitites strengthened positions in the Big three (THE, QS, ARWU) due to Project 211 (top 100 HEIs) and Project 985 (40 HEIs). By the way, are there any other plans and programmes to be implemented in the near future?
Juan Garcia, 13.07.17 в 16:18 0 Ответить Пожаловаться
Mr. Jacobson, good that you mentioned the "Big three". No doubt, they are highly valued and have a great impact, but if we look closer much attention is paid to scientific research and citations (I think they are correlated in some way). So universities focus on wastefull research and rush to get perfomance indicators for publications. I personally think that these two points, Research and Citations, should be united.
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