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Participant Application Form

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Andrei Shumelev, 09.06.17 at 11:12 4 Reply Complain
We draw your attention to the section - Catalog of ORGANIZATIONS. In order to add your organization to the catalog or make changes to the existing profile of the organization, we ask you to fill in the Participant Application Form and send it to e-mail
Josip Babic, 09.06.17 at 11:24 3 Reply Complain
Many Thanks, Andrei! Useful to have it here.

So, to change describtion of organization (to add a logo or descrubtion) I need to fill in the "Participant Aplication Form" and send everything to
Andrei Shumelev, 09.06.17 at 11:26 2 Reply Complain
Yep Josip! Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we are adding this option. You are able to send it to or Contact Technical Support service from your Account.
Dmitry Darius, 09.06.17 at 14:47 0 Reply Complain
Many thanks, Andrew! very usefull information!
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