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Sarajevo Medical School joins international association of medical schools

We are proud to announce that our Faculty of Medicine - Sarajevo Medical School, has joined the community of internationally recognized medical schools by officially becoming a member of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) shoulder to shoulder with Graz, Brussels, Berlin, Munchen, Zurich, Ljubljana and other top quality medical schools.
Only an accredited and fully recognized medical school/faculty from Europe can join the AMSE. To be eligible for membership, a medical school/faculty must be recognized by the government of the country on which it is based, and subject to the standard quality assurance and accreditation procedures of that country. Listing of a School in the World Directory of Medical Schools is evidence that it fulfills the top standards and requirements.
AMSE creates a forum for European Medical Schools to share experiences in the fields of education, research and management. It seeks to stimulate cooperation between Medical Schools in Europe and to initiate and sustain relations with other professional governmental and non-governmental organizations in education, research and health care. AMSE is interested in the regulatory, quality assurance, political and economic contexts in which the school works to fulfill its mission of education and research.
This membership stands as another confirmation of our quality and institutional reputation.
For more information about AMSE and its activities, please visit the official website:

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