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We welcome you to join The Masters Fair in Paris September 2017. This international event will offer your university or business school the opportunity to promote a wide range of programmes at both master’s levels – MA and MBA.

Reasons to Attend

Each year, more than 63,000 French students undertake tertiary studies abroad, with 47,000 French students taking degrees in non-native European Union countries. The Masters Fair in 2016 was a large success, with 6,500 visitors in attendance and with 97% of the exhibitors saying they were satisfied or very satisfied with the event.

Market Overview

France has a population of 62.9 million with a per capita GDP of US $31,096 and is the third-largest economy in Europe after Germany and the UK. French higher education has a long tradition of openness and accessibility*. The national government devotes 20 percent of its annual budget to education. Fees for both French and international students are kept very low to persuade students to stay in education as long as possible. There are about 190,000 international students, from all over the world, currently enrolled in French higher education.

Fair Outline

The Masters Fair is an outstanding event that gives exhibitors the chance to showcase their postgraduate programmes and expertise to highly motivated students. Do not miss out on the opportunity to present your institution, services, and programmes at the Master Fair in Paris.

With the co-operation of the BIOP, the Office of Information and Orientation in Paris and antenne de la CCIP, Chamber of Commerce of Paris, students will have the opportunity to define their future study prospects. Professionals from participating institutions will be able to help students to learn more about the postgraduate courses they offer and support enquiries.

The education fair also incorporates various seminars given by education, work placement and career professionals giving students the possibility to find out more about study and work opportunities.

The official Studyrama Guide to International Studies magazine is distributed during the event. The annual magazine includes information on more than 1000 Masters courses and MBAs; it is rich with advice and practical information.

Date:  9 september 

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