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Azat Fattakhov252
HED - project manager
Mari El Republic, Йошкар-Ола
Материал размещён в группе «Higher Education Discovery journal»
Country experience

–presentation of the national education system;
–current national projects and state
in the field of the professional and higher education;
–mechanisms of integration of a national system
into the global education (projects, activities, target indicators
of the educational export, participation in the international research
in the field of education, etc.);
– effective export strategies of the national education
(grants, projects, programs to promote academic mobility).

National systems of accreditation

-presentation of the national system of assessment
and quality assurance;
–accreditation methodology, standards, criteria;
–training systems for the expert community in the field
of assessment and quality assurance;
–participation in the international networks assessment activities
and quality assurance;
–quality of education: current issues for your country.

World education rankings

-presentation of the national rating system
including information on your agency);
–emphases of assessment methods;
–analysis of the main tendencies in the higher education

Partner search

–general image-building information on the University
and its international projects;
–information on searching for sponsors and partners
for common
–presentation of academic exchange programmes
to potential partners;
–invitation of foreign educators and students;
–information on the international events taking place
in the University;
–articles on current issues of international cooperation, etc.
Опубликовано в группе «Higher Education Discovery journal»

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Комментарии (2)

Jean Paul Buffet, 21.06.17 в 16:12 1 Ответить Пожаловаться
So how can we submit a publication to the journal, Azad?
Azat Fattakhov, 21.06.17 в 16:24 1 Ответить Пожаловаться
Dear Jean,

If your publication is rather promotional then it can go to the "Partner search" category on the commercial basis. If publication fits into one of the other categories - there is a chance to publish it for free.

Anyway, if there is something you would like to share with 10 000 universities from all over the world - contact me at with the publication offer.
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