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Testimonials from international students of Technical University of Gabrovo

All my life I've been studying in my home country in Nigeria, and I wanted to expand my horizons. I choose Technical University of Gabrovo, because I felt it could offer me both quality education and a chance to experience life outside of my comfort zone. The Technical University of Gabrovo is a renowned respectable university. It has a good international standing, and I believed it could provide me with a respectable and recognised degree.

Studying in Gabrovo a city in Bulgaria thus far has indeed been a pleasure. I love the culture here, the people are friendly and made me feel at home. Affordable accomodation and conducive environment for learning,  lessons are interactive and lively, the lecturers are friendly and full of encouragement. I enjoy the level of involvement and participation and it makes me want to actively engage in learning.

I will conclude by saying Technical University of Gabrovo is one in a million.

Rotimi Joseph Akinradewo, citizen of Nigeria

Preparatory Bulgarian Language course

„I am happy that I had the opportunity to come here and meet new friends. The University has excellent teaching facilities, as well as good organization and good lecturers.”

Ahmet Ates
Citizen of Turkey
Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment Degree course, 4th year of training, Bachelor Degree



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