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The Fourth Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization Space Law and Policy Forum was Successfully Held at HIT

On July the 10th, the Fourth Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation and Cooperation Forum was opened in Harbin, which was co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) and the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). Li Xinjun, the secretary general of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, Xu Yansong, director of the International Cooperation Department of the National Space Agency of China, Baha’miri Muhsin, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, Ahmed Tavir, representative of McGill University, Heidemann Nicholas, director of United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs attended the opening ceremony. Ren Nanqi, vice president of HIT attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Ren Nanqi introduced the situation of HIT in his speech. He hoped that the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and HIT would take this opportunity to establish long-term friendship, jointly promote multilateral cooperation in space science, technology and its application among member countries and help each other in technical research, development, application and personnel training to enhance the capacity of member countries and to promote the peaceful use of outer space by humankind. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mahmoud Nasir, minister of External Relations and Legal Affairs Department of the Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and Zhao Hongrui, dean of the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. The forum invited more than 70 people to attend the forum, including guests, representatives of member countries, experts in outer space law at home and abroad and heads of departments of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.

This forum took “Satellite Utilization and Space Law Development” as the theme, which lasted for two days and was divided into five sub-forums. In each forum, scholars made keynote speeches and had discussions on the utilization of outer space, international cooperation on space utilization, the difficulties encountered in the development of future space law, utilization of China’s outer space, and space technology cooperation, and put forward constructive suggestions.

During the forum, HIT also organized guests to visit the Astronautics Museum of HIT and the Harbin Railway Museum.



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