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Azat Fattakhov252
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HED international journal - feedback

Please share all the things you like about journal and all the critics can be sent to me as a private message :)
the HED Journal team will appreciate the feedback ;)
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Adam Ostin, 05.06.17 at 14:59 2 Reply Complain
Thanks Azat! Well done!
How can we get a paper copy of your journal?

Edited 05-06-2017 15:31

Azat Fattakhov, 05.06.17 at 15:43 4 Reply Complain
Hello Adam! Thank you)

We do not make paper copies of the journal yet. And most likely wont do it, to keep our atention on the onlne journal and this platform!
Fu Lei, 05.06.17 at 15:22 1 Reply Complain
I am also interested in getting the paper copy of the HED?
It is interesting to read your magazine! I wish you the good start!
Azat Fattakhov, 05.06.17 at 15:50 3 Reply Complain
Hello mr. Fu! thank you for your wishes!!! If the interest in paper copy will be that strong, I guess we will need to see and discuss what can we do to make 10000 papercopies in 80 countries. :)

Edited 05-06-2017 15:50

Fu Lei, 05.06.17 at 16:02 1 Reply Complain
Oh I see, so am I right- HED is online magazine at the moment? Anyway, thats ok!
Azat Fattakhov, 05.06.17 at 16:12 2 Reply Complain
yes, your are right!
Andrei Shumelev, 05.06.17 at 16:37 2 Reply Complain
Dear friends, we have made the print version of the HED international journal. We attended the Annual Conference APQN on the 26th of May and our journal was given to the particants of conference.
There were representatives from more than 30 countries - representatives from national ministries of education and accreditation agencies.
And all the participants were really interested in our project.

Edited 05-06-2017 16:38

Andrei Shumelev, 05.06.17 at 16:38 1 Reply Complain
What Azat has mentioned is true. We don't put away the idea of making the print version.
Andrei Shumelev, 05.06.17 at 16:50 2 Reply Complain
Photos from APQN Conference

Vladimir Navodnov (right), Director of NCPA, and HED Team

Group photo at APQN 2017, RANEPA,Moscow.
Elina Dimitriady, 07.06.17 at 15:36 2 Reply Complain
good pics)
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