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The University of Shanghai Organization of Collaboration

The University SOC is the commonwealth of institution of higher education of the states-members of Shanghai organization of collaboration, that are interacting on the base of agreements directed to  settle the following tasks:

  • Enlarge the exchange of students and scientific-pedagogic specialists;
  • Enlarging science-academic collaboration;
  • Implementation modern educational methods and technologies;
  • Creating mechanisms of recognition and equivalence of educational documents of the University SOC by the states-members of Shanghai organization and world educational community.

The University must operate as the net of already existing universities in the states-members of SOC, and also in the countries observers(Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan).

Personnel training of high qualification within the framework of SOC University must be carried out according to the priority oriented spheres of cultural, scientific-educationa and economical collaboration of the states-members of the organization.

On the assumption of the interests of states-members of SOC it is quite reasonable to introduce the following directions of preparation:  

  • Studying Region
  • Ecology,
  • Power engineering ,
  • IT-technologies.

In the following as agreed educational institutions of state-members other directions will be introduced and the set of specialties will be specified

D. Serikbaev East Kazakhstan State Technical University is a university – coordinator on the direction of «IT-technologies» on joint preparing masters of the program «6M070300- Information systems».

Institute coordinator of the program according to the direction, its interest will be presented by him both in the country and on the international level. 

His duties are:

  • Coordination the activity between institutions within the country ;
  • Coordination the programs of foreign national institutions;
  • Keeping the connection with the national Ministry of education and science and  work group of the University SOC;
  • Running and keeping current records concerning the direction of preparation;
  • Keeping the connection and providing the presidentship of SOC University with materials.

EKSTU takes an active part in all the events concerning University SOC.



The conference "University of  SCO - New Horizons for distance education: experience, practice and prospects" was held in Karaganda on 10-12 of April on the basis of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazakhstan consumers’ union. Read more


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