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Undergraduate International Education Fair in Greece 2017

The Undergraduate International Exhibition “EDUCATION & CAREER 2017” best enables you to reach out to the largest foreign student market in Europe.
International Exhibition “EDUCATION & CAREER” in Greece provides a quality exhibition environment and on-site features that are valuable and informative for both exhibitors and visitors. Around 9000 visitors and 150 exhibitors from 14 countries come to the show every year.

A very high percentage of Greek students opt to study at foreign universities. Greece has more students studying abroad than any other nation, proportionate to its population. It is estimated that approximately 45,000-50,000 Greek students study abroad on undergraduate and graduate level, making Greece the top European market for student recruitment.

The international studies trend shows no sign of a slowdown even under the current tough economic situation. Education remains a number one priority for every Greek family and especially today, more people are interested to study and gain experience abroad.

 Fair Outline

The fair will take place over 3 days, with all three days being open to international exhibitors.

In today’s complex and demanding job market, education is the most valuable asset for succeeding in the workplace.  Under the present difficult economic conditions, the International Exhibition “EDUCATION & CAREER” takes on more importance as it offers the opportunity to visitors to explore all the possibilities available for studying and working in Greece or abroad and to exhibitors the possibility to inform a wide audience, network, exchange information and ideas, recruit students and look for collaborations and alliances.

Running under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs, the Hellenic General Secretariat for Youth of the Ministry of Labour, the Municipality of Athens and the Municipality of Piraeus, the “EDUCATION & CAREER” fair is the biggest and only complete exhibition on education and career in Greece and one of the key fairs in Europe.

14 Represented countries in 2014 (alphabetically): Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, People!s Republic of China, Switzerland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America.

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide in a direct and effective way a comprehensive overview of educational programmes offered in Greece and abroad, by public and private institutes, on undergraduate and postgraduate level. It also aims at supporting the efforts of graduates and job seekers to kickstart a career, change their job or enhance their skills through lifelong learning.

“EDUCATION & CAREER” is the premier education and employment exhibition in Greece with:

  • 150 exhibitors from 14 countries
  • 9000 visitors

The exhibition is also promoted through an aggressive, yet targeted marketing campaign encompassing a variety of effective marketing tools to reach all visitor segments.

More information you can find here.
Date: from 9 september to 11 september
Published in the group «International cooperation»

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