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HED Club unites enthusiastic higher education professionals. Here you can share your experience and opinions, take advice or recommendations, discuss urgent problems and issues, share your achievements, and just talk about the weather. In "Groups" section you can choose the community according to your professional interests.

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We provided the possibility of replenishing the shared Content library, adding interesting news, official documents, workshops, users' own research papers, announcements of upcoming events. “My account” provides a simple and convenient method of uploading a publication and send it to the corresponding Library section. If you have any difficulties, we will be glad to help you!

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Join our conversation in the Discussions section. We will be glad to have your opinion on the Club urgent problems, discuss news and innovations, discuss professional issues and just have a pleasant talk!

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And one more thing…

We are preparing interesting news for you, exchanging advices, commenting research papers, sharing useful information.

And in general, it's very cozy here. We respect and appreciate each other. Because HED Club is made by professionals for professionals! Not only employees and specialists of information departments of universities, but also other administrative divisions can become members of the Club.

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8 questions asked by new club members

Published in the group «Higher Education Discovery journal»

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