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We are happy to present the second issue of the Higher Education Discovery journal

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to present the second issue of the Higher Education Discovery journal.

The key topics of the issue are internationalization, research area and quality assurance in higher education.

The current issue addresses:

• Internationalization of higher education in Japan: problems, experience, strategies. What obstacles does Japan overcome on the way to successful internationalization? What is done to attract international students to Japanese universities and what are the internationalization-related risks?

• Universities in Cyprus magnetize thousands of international students from around the world. Read more about the main goals and objectives of higher education in Cyprus. What role do quality assurance agencies play in the development of Cyprus higher education? Find out first-hand from the national Ministry of Education and Culture.

• The quality improvement program of medical education implemented by the Postgraduate Doctors’ Training Institute of the Healthcare Ministry of the Chuvash Republic, Russia.

• Strategies for export of Russian medical education by Kursk State Medical University. How does the university contribute to internationalization of higher education and research?


Universities are welcomed to share their experience of participation in international educational and scientific projects with the global academic and professional communities on the pages of the HED journal.

We invite universities, educational institutions, educational authorities, quality assurance agencies, student recruitment agencies from around the world to submit articles for the next issue of the HED journal.

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Published in the group «Higher Education Discovery journal»

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