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World Education Fair - Romania - Winter 2018

The World Education Fair in Romania for undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA providers and independent schools, aims to recruit a high number of students applying for courses provided by participating institutions.

Reasons to Attend

The World Education Fair in Romania is the only event dedicated purely to education, for students of all ages in Romania, and it is already growing in popularity amongst institutions and students alike. The Romania exhibition is part of the World Education Project, which Integral Educational Programs started over seven years ago in order to help young people get the right information about new opportunities for university, college and school education abroad.

Market Overview

There are currently between 22,000 and 50,000 Romanian students studying abroad, according to data from Balkan Insight. The numbers vary according to different estimations as there is no single organisation that addresses this group of Romanians. Many students are studying in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Fair Outline

In 2016 a total number of 120 exhibitors attended the fair from 18 coutnries. These countries included: Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, USA, China, France and Romania. Furthermore, there were a total number of 4217 Visitors who attended the fair. The World Education Fairs themselves have become a must for every student interested in education abroad. Now more and more students use the opportunity to meet with educational organisation face-to-face, when choosing their future university, college or school and course/s of study. The international educational fair in Romania will continue this trend.

The World Education Fair in Romania is a successful recruitment tool for institution thanks to a few important points:

  • Consistent marketing research, establishing the trends
  • Attracting the young people to choose for their education abroad
  • Massive promotional campaign and personal attention to the students
  • Pre-registration of more than 50% of visitors.

The desired result, which has been experienced by most participants of the Project, is access to a high number of visitors and the successful recruitment of students. It is important for us to maintain the highest standards, inviting organisation offering quality programmes, choosing venues in places with top central locations in 5 –star hotels and with extra services provided. In addition to participating during the events, the participants use services to follow-up on their marketing efforts, to visit high schools and to organise extra promotional activities, such as the University Catalogue (See Advertising for details) and to give presentations. Get involved and see the results!

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Date: from 17 february to 22 february
Published in the group «Upcoming international conferences»

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