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Recruiting students

Dear colleagues, how do you think, is it nessessary to use several platforms to recruit students?
Helga Kopirtugh


Dear colleagues, can you still advise something and how does your institution adapt students?

In an increasingly multicultural society, Wasatch Academy is invested in the success of its domestic and international students. Many students at public schools have preconceptions regarding ethnicity, but 59 percent of students from private boarding schools say that having a diverse student body...


Who is the "prime commissioner" of a university transformation?

Who is the "prime commissioner" of a university transformation? Whether it is the university itself (the changes are initiated by the university teaching staff and administration as "there is nothing to prevent this change")? Or the "commissioner of transformations" is external and acts from the...
Ekaterina Shigapova


Your opinion about he model of 'entrepreneurial university'

At present the model of 'entrepreneurial university' is under hot discussion. For example, in 2015 forty-six universities from Top-50 of the Times Higher Education Ranking declared the entrepreneurship mission as their main priority. Moreover, all the universities of Top-20 of the BRICS ranking...
Ekaterina Shigapova


Skepticism of internationalization

Recently I often hear skepticism about international students and the idea of putting domestic students as a priority. What is your opinion, positive and negative experience on hosting foreign students?
I am particularly interested in Xenophobia and discrimination against foreign or domestic...
Jean Paul Buffet


Student Mobility programs.

What are the student mobility programs that your university is working with? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Would be interesting and useful to know!
Josip Babic


How much does it cost to study for a foreigner?

What are the nuances of pricing policy? Which programs are the most affordable? Which ones are the most difficult and what is the training fee? It is interesting to know, are the fees for local students and for foreigners the same or they are different in your country?
Dmitry Darius


Academic Exchange and Mobility

How is academic exchange organized in your educational organization?
Does this activity lie on the shoulders of the international department's staff or the participants are making all the arrangements themselves? Who is more active: teachers or students? Which countries are most in demand? What...
Adam Ostin


How quickly get used to a foreign country...

Dear colleagues! Do you have special staff at the university who help first-year students enter the student life? It is often difficult to adapt ...
Elina Dimitriady