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Foreign Enrollment Drops at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Allan Goodman, president and CEO of the Institute of International Education, discusses the impact of international students on the U.S. economy. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)


Giving the Bologna Process a breath of fresh air

What is good university teaching and learning? Has learning and teaching been given more priority in recent years? What should be done at a national level to place greater emphasis on learning and teaching? What are the consequences of a low focus on learning and teaching? What are external and internal barriers to progress in learning and teaching evolution? Read more in the interview with Gilles Roussel, President of the French Conference of University Presidents.

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Scott Patnode: "I am both excited and proud to join the AUCA community for the next four months!"

This semester, the American University of Central Asia's Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC) is lucky to have a student from the United States, Scott Patnode, volunteering to lend English language help to students in the AUCA learning community. Scott is experienced helping ESL (English as a Second Language) students in the United States.



Ten things to know about international student enrolment

The University of British Columbia in Canada has been implementing active international student recruitment policy. What is the percentage of foreign students admitted to the university? Does the acceptance of students from abroad influence domestic students? What are admission criteria and tuition fees for international students? What countries do most international students come from? Where do things stand with outbound student mobility? Read more in the interview with Pamela Ratner, UBC vice-provost and associate vice-president.
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An Interview with President of KIMEP University and Rector of Almaty Management University

Here is a short interview with Almagul Kanagatova, Rector of Almaty Management University, and Chan Young Bang, President of KIMEP University, about competitiveness of higher education sector in Kazakhstan, development of internationalization and improvement of rankings.

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“We have very good reasons for internationalization”

What tendencies preventing internationalization is the modern world facing now? What part do universities play in globalization? What are their strengths and how should they make them useful for the society? What is the goal of comprehensive higher education internationalization? Read more in the interview with John K. Hudzik, professor at Michigan State University and an expert on questions relating to the internationalization of the university system.

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Russian Universities Representatives Answer International Students’ Questions

What opportunities can be provided for international students in Russian universities? What bonuses are offered to them? How much is tuition? Where do foreign students live? What admission and programme options are available? How do Russian universities cooperate with their foreign partners? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions about study in Russia in the transcript of StudyinRussia Group Live Stream that took place in May 2017.

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Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University: Modern University on Europe’s Border

Why do many foreign students choose Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University? What countries do they usually come from? What fields of study and programs enjoy most popularity among international students? What is done to attract prospective students from different countries? What conditions and academic and social advantages can the university boast of? Read more to find out.

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ITMO University: Our Students Are Six Times World Programming Champions

What makes ITMO so appealing for international students as a study destination? How are they attracted to the university? What are their academic preferences? How much do they have to pay for their studies? What are academic, cultural and social advantages of study at ITMO? Read more in the interview with Alvina Kiseleva, Head of International Admission Office.



Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI: Teaching the Most Popular Professions

Why is LETI so popular among international students? What programs and courses can students choose from? Does the university offer grants to international students? What kind of support is provided to them? What social activities are they invited to participate in? Read more in the interview with Victor Tupik, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, about the benefits of LETI for international students.