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PskovState University (PskovSU) is the largest educational institution in the Pskov Region and one of the largest universities in the northwest of Russia; hundreds of students graduate here every year. It was founded in 2011 by merging 5 leading educational institutions of the Pskov Region.
Date of foundation: 1960
Псковский государственный университет
Fields: Education, Arts and humanities, Social sciences, journalism and information, Business, administration and law, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Health and welfare
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Students 10 000
Foreign students 200
Rankings National university ranking / 157
Contacts office 23, 2, Lenin Square, Pskov
  +7 (8112) 29-70-20
About us
PskovSU was founded in 2011 by merging 5 leading educational institutions of the Pskov Region:
-Pskov State Pedagogical University
-Pskov State Polytechnic Institute
-Pskov College for Civil Engineering and Economics
-Pskov Industrial College
-Velikiye Luki Civil Engineering College.
Each institution had its own history and traditions, reputation, successes in its field of work, its own creative staff with great teachers, scientists, and public figures.
The total number of employees is more than 1000; among the academic staff there are about 800 full time teachers.
There are about 10 000 students at PskovSU.
There are 10 faculties at PskovSU:
1) Physics and Mathematics
2) Medical Education, Psychology and Natural Sciences
3) Law
4) Educational and Social Technologies and Design
5) Russian Philology and Foreign Languages
6) History
7) Engineering and Civil Construction Technologies
8) Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
9) Management
10) Finance and Economics
The University includes also PskovSU Branch in Velikiye Luki, PskovSU College and Lifelong Learning Institute.
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Sports infrastructure of PskovSU

Sports infrastructure of PskovSU includes 9 gyms (6 playrooms and 3 workout rooms), an open-air stadium, 3 skiing lodges, a shooting gallery, and a swimming pool with a gym.



PskovSU International and Research Projects

Participation of PskovSU in international scientific and educational projects is one of the important areas of international activities of the university. Participation in the projects lets the university form effective partnerships with universities around the world, provide its innovative development, increase competitiveness and export potential of educational technologies and programs of the university, develop international educational programs and training of specialists, and also implement programs of academic mobility of faculty, students and staff of the university.



PskovSU Internship Programs

Pskov State University invites bachelor students, master students, senior students and post-graduate students to take part in Internship Programs at PskovSU.