Victor Hugo Tosta
Graduating in Bachelor of Laws in the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG).
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande
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Previously, was a free scholarship holder in the 'Colégio Marista de Londrina' during the first degree (intermediate education), where also, athlete of Tae Kwon Do. Later, moved to the 'Colégio Universitário', either in Londrina, where also obtained an integral scholarship, already in high school. In parallel, studied English for 5 years in 'Cultura Inglesa de Londrina', and again as a free scholarship holder. At 'Microcamp de Londrina', could do another free scholarship in Hardware & Software Technician, and worked for some time in the profession. Later, moved to Porto Alegre and coursed Bartendering at the 'Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial' (SENAC), where for some time also worked in the professional area.
Already in the Faculty of Law at the 'Universidade Federal do Rio Grande' (FURG), worked as a Monitor at the Law's Informatic Laboratory (LINJUR), and also in the disciplines of Criminal Law I and Criminology as a Researcher. Performed, while graduanting, some elective courses, as following: Criminology, Criminal Procedural Systems, Law and Gender, History of Legal Ideas and Economic Law. For interest in topics related to narcotics, did two courses as complementary subjects; one of the Psychology graduation, namely: Evaluation and Intervention in Drug Addiction; another linked to the Medicine course, called: Multidisciplinary Approach in Drug Addiction; both during graduation cited and in course. Currently, in the penultimate year of the course, studies Legal Medicine, Consumer Law, International Criminal Policy and Electronic Process as elective disciplines; as well as Standardization of Scientific Production I, of Librarianship, as a complement.
All scholarships in private institutions, during childhood and adolescence, came from the social patronage of the Felipe family, from Apucarana - PR, to whom I will be eternally grateful; without this sponsorship I would not have reached a vacancy in a Public University, of quality.