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федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Орловский государственный аграрный университет имени Н.В. Парахина»

Rector of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Oryol State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin": Tatiana Ivanovna GULIAEVA, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Prof. Guliaeva was born in Dalny (China) in 1952. She graduated from Kharkiv State University named after A.M. Gorky with a degree in Statistics and started her career in 1974 as an economist at the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Donetsk. She has been Rector of the university since 2016.

Her research interests include the issues of statistical investigations of Russia’s self-sufficiency in food commodities, education quality, HEI evaluation criteria (accreditation, licensing, etc). She is the author of more than 115 published scientific and methodological papers including 43 educational editions, 10 monographs, 37 scientific articles published in the editions recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation.

Prof. Guliaeva is married, has one child.

35.03.03 Agricultural Chemistry and Agricultural Soil Science

35.03.04 Agronomy

35.03.06 Agricultural Engineering

35.03.10 Landscape Architecture

35.04.03 Agricultural Chemistry and Agricultural Soil Science

Address: 69, General Rodin Street , Oryol, Oryol Region, 302019, Russia

Rector's Office: (4862) 76-41-01, e-mail: rector@orelsau.ru

Admissions Office: (4862) 43-69-98, e-mail: priem3@orelsau.ru

License 90Л01 №0009537, Reg.№ 2468 of November 16, 2016 valid indefinitely.

State Accreditation Certificate 90А01 №0002611, Reg. № 2485 of January 30, 2017 valid till February 04, 2020.