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федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Тюменский индустриальный университет»


Acting Rector of Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT): Veronika Vasilevna EFREMOVA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Professor Efremova was born on July 10, 1968. She graduated from the UralStateUniversity of the Red Banner of Labor Order named after A.M. Gorky. She served as a Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Oil and Gas Institute of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU) from September 2007 to July 2010 and as a Director of Learning Support Activities of the Institute of Management and Business from July 2010 to February 2013. She had been Head of the Institute of Management and Business of TSOGU for more than 3 years since February 2013. Then she served as Head of the Academic Development Department of TSOGU and as Head of the Quality Assurance Department of IUT in 2016. She was appointed Vice Rector for Educational Activities of IUT in December 2016.

Professor Efremova was appointed Acting Rector of IUT on May 27, 2017 by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation № 12- 07-03/73 of May 26, 2017.

She is married and has a son.

05.03.01 Geology

07.03.01 Architecture

07.03.03 Space Architecture

08.03.01 Civil Engineering

08.05.01 Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering

12.03.01 Instrument Engineering

12.03.04 Bioengineering Systems and Technologies

13.03.02 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

15.03.01 MachineBuilding

15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Production

18.03.01 Chemical Engineering

21.03.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

21.04.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

21.05.01 Applied Geodesy

21.05.02 Applied Geology

21.05.03 Geological Survey

23.03.01 Technology of Transport Processes

23.03.02Land Transportation and Technological Complexes

23.03.03 Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes

23.05.01Land Transport Technology

27.03.02 Quality Management

27.03.04 Control in Engineering Systems

38.03.05 Business Informatics

Address: 38,

Volodarsky Street, Tyumen

, 625000, Russia

Rector’s Office: +7 3452 68-27-00, e-mail: general@tyuiu.ru

Admission Office: +7 3452 68-57-66, e-mail: priemcom@tyuiu.ru

License 90Л01 No.0009181 of May 13, 2016 valid indefinitely

State Accreditation Certificate 90А01 No.0002124 of June 21, 2016 valid till June 10, 2020