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Dagestan State Technical University

федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Дагестанский государственный технический университет»


Rector: Nurmagomed Saipulaevich SURAKATOV, Interim Rector of DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity.

Mr. Surakatov was born in 1971. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology of Dagestan Polytechnic Institute (today DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity) with the qualification of Process Engineer in 1994. He defended a thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences in 1999. The title of Associate Professor was conferred on him in 2004.

Mr. Surakatov started his professional career at DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity in 1997 as Assistant at the Department of State Management and Regional Economy. He was elected Assistant Professor of the department in 1999, Associate Professor of the department in 2002, and the Head of Department in 2003. He became the Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Management in 2007 and was appointed Vice-Rector for Economics in 2010. He has been Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs since 2017. He has 21 years of total teaching experience.

Mr. Surakatov is the author of more than 180 scientific papers including seven monographs and 32 educational materials. He actively participates in international and all-Russian scientific and practical conferences and contests of scientific papers.


01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics

07.03.01 Architecture

08.03.01 Civil Engineering

08.04.01 Civil Engineering

08.05.01 Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering.

09.03.03 Applied Informatics

09.03.04 Software Engineering

09.04.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering

09.04.03 Applied Informatics

09.04.04 Software Engineering

10.05.03 Information Security of Automated Systems

11.03.01 Radio Engineering

11.03.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics

11.04.01 Radio Engineering

13.03.02 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

13.04.02 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

20.03.01 Technosphere Safety

20.03.02 Environmental Engineering and Water Management

27.03.04 Control in Engineering Systems

27.04.04 Control in Engineering Systems

38.03.01 Economics

38.04.01 Economics

38.05.01 Economic Security


Address:  Imam Shamil Avenue, 70, Makhachkala, Dagestan, 367015, Russia

Rector's Office: (8722) 62-37-61, e-mail: dstu@dstu.ru

Admissions Office: (8722) 62-45-45., e-mail: abiturient@dstu.ru

License 90Л01 №0008637, Reg. №1623 of August 27, 2015 valid indefinitely

State Accreditation Certificate 90А01 №0001550, Reg. №1461 of September 18, 2015 valid till September 18, 2021