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To the attention of higher education institutions of Russia and the CIS countries!

Today international cooperation in the field of education is one of the key tools for enhancing competitiveness of a country and its soft power. In this regard, many states have adopted strategic documents aimed at significant development of higher education internationalization, academic partnership and export education potential of their countries. At the same time, the leading international experts emphasize the utmost importance of informational transparency of national education systems — in the highly competitive educational environment it is only possible to achieve target goals in the field of internalization of higher education and export of educational products if there is effective information and media support. Taking into consideration the specified trends, the leading Russian company Accreditation in Education, that has been working in close partnership with Russian HEIs since 2005, has established the recruitment and consultation center «EDU Atmosphere» aimed at providing practical assistance to educational institutions in developing their export potential.

Main tasks: 1) provision of comprehensive and reliable information to the international academic community on the higher education system of the country participating in the project, on current events held as part of the national strategy of internationalization of science and higher education of the country participating in the project; 2) effective assistance for educational and research institutions of the country participating in the project in searching for foreign partners; 3) organization and technological support of the prompt sharing of the current information content between the countries participating in the project, research and educational institutions working on their territories.

For effective bilateral cooperation, the university must get in touch with the project specialist and conclude a partnership agreement.

For partner universities we provide free service packages: representational and information packages which are implemented by the recruitment and consultation center «EDU Atmosphere.»

The representational package includes the following:
  • publication of information in the Organizations catalogue on the HED website in Russian and English (according to the data from partners’ questionnaires);
  • demonstration of the university’s video content at partner education fairs;
  • presentation of the university at global education events.
The information package includes the following:
  • access to thematic materials of the EDU Atmosphere Library;
  • participation in webinars dedicated to the peculiarities of the country education export;
  • participation in webinars dedicated to the issues of migration legislation and migration registration;
  • participation in webinars dedicated to the issues of international accreditation with the participation of representatives of education quality assurance agencies.
Besides, the partner of EDU Atmosphere has the right to use additional service packages (on a paid basis, at the individual choice — see Attachment 1) which are categorized based on thematic areas and include the following:
  • specification of education export strategy in the university;
  • inventory of the list of educational programs sought-after on the global education market, for subsequent enrollment of international applicants in the university;
  • determination of export potential of English-taught educational programs offered by the university;
  • development of educational programs (including joint and network programs);
  • preparation for the procedure of international accreditation (including joint accreditation);
  • enrollment of foreign applicants;
  • search for international teachers to fill vacant positions.

We are looking forward to cooperating with your university in the field of business!

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December 10, 2019
February 4, 2020
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May 28, 2020
Theme: Internationalization of higher education. Cooperation with quality assurance networks and agencies. International student recruitment and academic mobility. Development of inter-university partnership 2019-2020.
Cost: free of charge
Prerequisite: conclusion of the partnership agreement