The EDU Atmosphere Recruitment and Consulting Center (Russia) concludes agreements with foreign universities that are ready to accept Russian applicants on a fee-paying basis.

Purposes of EDU Atmosphere

- to provide practical assistance to higher education institutions in different countries in developing their export educational and academic;
- to provide practical assistance to Russian citizens in exercising their right to get high-quality professional education at any university

in the world, which is ready to cater to their educational needs.

About the global trend.

Today international cooperation in education is one of key tools for enhancing competitiveness of a country and its soft power. In this regard, a great many countries have adopted strategic documents aimed at ensuring a significant increase in internationalization of national higher education systems and at integrating

them into the global education and research field.

About Russian particular characteristics.

Today Russia is becoming more and more attractive for foreign educational organizations interested in finding and recruiting international applicants and students.
First, higher education is traditionally highly appreciated in the Russian society (Russia

is among the world’s leaders by the proportion of population with higher education), that is why most young Russians are aimed at entering higher education institutions;
Second, according to population projections, the young population in Russia is expected to grow in the next decade. Experts note that studying abroad grows in popularity year on year among young Russians and their families. In this regard, demand for foreign universities on the Russian educational market is expected to persistently grow.

The mission of the holding company of EDU Atmosphere

The Accreditation in Education Company (Russia) has been working since 2005 and holds strong positions in the information and communication space of the professional pedagogical community of Russia.
The company’s mission is to promote and

develop national and international information and communication projects to intensify educational and academic cooperation, provide assistance to educational organizations in searching for partners and like-minded people for implementing educational, academic and research initiatives for the sake of sustainable development of the world which is defined by the UN as an agenda-setting task of the XXI century.

Our experience

For 15 years of fruitful work with Russian universities we have signed and performed more than 16,000 agreements. The company specialists have thoroughly studied the processes happening in education. Our reputation allows us to organize not only regional and Russian, but also international

educational media projects.
Our long-term media partners include not only educational organizations of Russia and other countries, but also leading expert professional organizations (in particular, the National Centre for Public Accreditation), the largest federal news agencies (in particular, Interfax), as well as government bodies responsible for the development of the national education policy.

Conditions for cooperation

We are interested in 15% agency commission for a concluded enrollment contract.
We are also ready to consider your cooperation conditions. If you are interested in our proposal, we kindly ask you to contact us at

Consultants for Russia

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Tel.: +7 (8362) 72-40-80
Mob.: +7 (937) 111-50-40

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language: Russian, English
Tel.: +7 (8362) 72-40-80