The competition for international applicants "Facets of Russia's Singing Culture"

Rich cultural heritage of Russia is composed of national and ethnic diversity. A song can express your feelings, convey your mood and even nature. 

A variety of genres, styles and themes of Russian song guarantees that everyone can find a song for themselves - whether it be a folk song,  a classical song, a sacred song, an ancient chant, contemporary music genres such as pop, rock, Indie, etc.

The participants are invited to make a journey to the world of Russian songs. Find your song and sing it with your heart.

The task. Sing a song, record a video of your performance and post it on one or a few social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, VK, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) using the hashtag of the competition #HED_contest and the hashtag of the competition sponsor, #DSU_contest.

Main data

Count of winners 2
Allowed countries of participants All countries except Russia
Beginning Oct 29, 2020
Accept works until Mar 31, 2021
Evaluation before Apr 22, 2021
Ending May 1, 2021
Age restrictions Over 16

Competition regulations: The competition for international applicants "Facets of Russia's Singing Culture"

Register for the competition.

Post your competitive entry on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) using the hashtags of the competition #HED_contest and the competition sponsor, #DSU_contest. Important! Your social account must be open.

Send an email to Attach a link to your competition entry posted on social media platforms and its text file. Wait for the result!

Attention! Your account must be open.

1. The song you chose must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • the song was performed for the first time in the Russian language or the languages of the peoples of Russia;
  • it was performed by a Russian/Soviet singer;
  • its authors are of Russian/Soviet origin;
  • it's a folk song.

2. You can sing a song in the Russian language, the languages of the peoples of Russia, or translate it into your native language preserving the meaning of the song. 

3. The competition entry must be in video format.

4. It must last no more than 2 minutes. (script, director's approach, orchestration are chosen at your discretion)

5. The language - Russian language/languages of the peoples of Russia or any other language the original song is translated into.

6. The voice-over text about why you chose this song: up to 1,000 characters.

Attention! Only entries posted on the Internet for the first time can take part in the competition.


1st place - Personal scholarship

2nd place - Online course in Russian as a foreign language.