Эмоциональное выгорание — диагностика, профилактика, терапия.

Psychological sciences Teachers' Health & Safety

Подборка книг и методик от известных росcийских специалистов.

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01.04.19 14:13

Higher education and research in Germany

Higher Education DiscoveryAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Edu ...Global education

DAAD published an online summary figures and charts on Germany’s academic and scientific landscape

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28.03.19 14:34

Unified State Examination: From the test quest to the Chinese language

Higher Education DiscoveryRussian educationAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Edu ...Global education

What to expect from the Unified State Examination (USE) and how it has changed over 10 years

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15.03.19 7:09

Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia 2019

Russian education

The First Mission Ranking was compiled according to the results of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia — 2019

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11.03.19 12:51

A number of leading Russian medical universities will open their faculties and branches in Uzbekistan

Global education

The opening of the branches was discussed at the meeting of the Health Ministers of Uzbekistan Alisher Shadmanov and Russia Veronika Skvortsova in Tashkent, March, 6.

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