Девять главных правил медленной и осмысленной жизни

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Неторопливое повествование о философии движения "slow life"

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01.04.19 14:13

Higher education and research in Germany

Higher Education DiscoveryAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Edu ...Global education

DAAD published an online summary figures and charts on Germany’s academic and scientific landscape

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28.03.19 14:34

Unified State Examination: From the test quest to the Chinese language

Higher Education DiscoveryRussian educationAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Edu ...Global education

What to expect from the Unified State Examination (USE) and how it has changed over 10 years

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15.03.19 7:09

Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia 2019

Russian education

The First Mission Ranking was compiled according to the results of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia — 2019

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01.03.19 7:14

17 Russian HEIs visited Vietnam (Делегация 17 росвузов посетила Вьетнам)

Global education

Completion of work within the framework of the 11th stage of the project “Universities of Russia”.

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