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About us
Higher Education Discovery ( is a MEDIAplatform for educational partnership development. It was created by the leading Russian company Accreditation in education specializing in the organization and information support of educational projects. The company’s projects have been successfully working since 2005. Hundreds of Russian universities and colleges cooperate with us. Throughout its existence HED has transformed from an academic advertising website into a global professional informational platform enabling students, teachers, scientists, education and scientific organizations, recruitment agencies, employers, other organizations related to the development of education, to effectively promote educational projects, find business partners around the world, disseminate information about themselves and their professional interests. HED is equally interesting both for individual and for corporate users decided to become a HED Club member.

Become a HED Club member
You should register on the website to become a HED Club member ( and to use all its functionality. Having registered one becomes the owner of Personal account. First of all fill in your Profile information. What for? Profiles of HED Club registered members are stored in the information bank of scientists and teachers Young Science Discovery and are open to other users of the website. That’s how the Russian and foreign educational community will have the possibility to learn about you, your professional interests, contact you, and read your articles. And you will have the possibility to publish articles, participate in competitions, receive certificates, conduct personal correspondence with colleagues, and post your ads and much more. Beyond that HED is still the educational advertising website. If the ads you posted on the website are personal, they will also be placed at the bottom of your Profile page. The structure of your Profile page makes it easy for HED Club readers and users to reach out to your publications and become your Subscriber.

Teacher Skills BOX
The website enables pedagogical and scientific experience exchange. All articles, cases, creative projects published by the HED Club members fall into the Teacher Skills BOX. The author of the materials receives a corresponding certificate. For ease of use, all materials are divided into groups, which are created according to fields of study existing in Russia. However, if you decide to create a new group, maybe more particular or more relevant to the content you are publishing, click on the «Add group» button located on the same page, and the moderator will add it shortly. You can post materials on the website from your personal account. For this purpose, click on the Publications button.

The project is implemented by the HED Club for educational organizations. The Project is aimed to widely familiarize the international and Russian professional communities with the activities of the leading departments of Russian HEIs, scientists and teachers` personal achievements in order to establish and develop academic and educational cooperation at international, national and interregional levels. Information placement in the Structure section is made on a commercial basis. For this purpose you should write to us an e-mail about your intention

As we mentioned above, the HED Club is interesting not only for individual, but also for corporate users- educational organizations. Corporate HED Club members are registered by the moderator. To keep order on the website, the organizations are registered by the moderator. For today 136,000 Russian educational organizations with a valid license for educational activities are registered on the website. We draw your attention that by registering in personal account, the user indicates the organization he/she works for, and thus falls into the Employees section on the organization page; published materials get into the Blog of the organization. In case you can’t find your organization — click on Suggest an organization button on the Organizations page. The moderator will add it shortly. Thus, throughout its existence more than a hundred international and education development-related organizations have been registered on the website- HED Club corporate members. By clicking Structure button on the organization page, readers will learn about the structural units of the organization: institutes, faculties, departments, scientific schools, scientists developing them.

Russian HEIs
For ease of use, at Club users` request, the filter Russian HEIs on the Organizations page has a separate button, which facilitates the search for Russia HEIs and their branches.

The section enabling website users` ads to be ranked by filters. If you decide to publish your personal ad on the website, it will appear at the end of your Profile page as well as the ad from the organization will appear on the Organization page, all the ads will be posted in this section and will be searched by the filters you specify.

Competitions is the most emotional website section. Participation in competitions is free until May 1, 2019. Participate and get participation certificates and winning prizes! All HED Club members can take part in the competitions. For this purpose click on the Competitions button in your Personal account and select the direction you are interested in.

The section contains countries` education news, current education articles etc.

Our projects include:


All-Russian project "Best University Press Service"


All-Russian project "MEDIA Activity of the Universities of the Russian Federation"


Bank of Best Practices of Further Professional Education in Russia


Information and analytical Journal Akkreditatsiya v obrazovanii


International Journal Higher Education Discovery


Journal NAMES in Education


Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia Reference book


Russian Universities Reference book