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The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) has supported an initiative of collaboration with Accreditation in Education publishing company (Russia) for regular popularization of Rossotrudnichestvo’s activities abroad through the English-language journal Higher Education Discovery to provide media support for unlocking export potential of Russian education; provide reliable, high-quality and up-to-date information on Russia and the system of higher education in Russia to a broad audience of international applicants and all stakeholders.

These objectives determine the main topics for the quarterly specialized English-language journal Higher Education Discovery which will be circulated, starting from September 2020, among all representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo that operate all over the world.


In 2020, Accreditation in Education Company is turning 15 years old. For all these years, the company has been actively collaborating with Russian universities presenting educational organizations’ best practices in a variety of activities to the professional pedagogical community. Besides, our team has long-term experience in initiating and organizing various creative media projects aimed to improve and implement universities’ information sharing and transparency strategies.


Certainly, the strategic objectives set for Russian higher education are also essential for mass media writing about education. One of such objectives is stated in the priority project «Development of the Export Potential of the Russian Education System» — enhancement of attractiveness and competitiveness of Russian education in the global market of educational services. In this regard, educational organizations we maintain partner relationships with have entrusted us with a task of rendering effective media assistance in high-quality provision of reliable and up-to-date information on peculiarities of educational programs implemented by Russian universities to international applicants.


Taking into account this demand, Accreditation in Education Publishing Company proceeded to issue a specialized English-language journal Higher Education Discovery. Long-term publishing experience, a professional editorial team, a well-established reputation allow us to issue the journal at a worthy Russia-wide level. Thus, the first issue was presented at the International Conference of the Asia Pacific Quality Network (May 2017, Moscow) and got well-meaning testimonials. Moreover, almost at once the company got positive feedback from educational and expert organizations of a number of European and Asian countries, and a special questionnaire survey of specialists of foreign universities’ international services (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan as well as Bosnia, Denmark, Iran, Cyprus, China, Romania, the Czech Republic, Switzerland) conducted by the HED editorial board proved high demand for international educational «media platforms» such as Higher Education Discovery.


International applicants (and their parents).


The principle of developing topics for each issue is focused on media support for key cycles of working with this audience for 2020/2021. Starting with the choice of a profession (and a university located in the Russian Federation, respectively), to participation in an enrollment campaign, and then, an applicant’s arrival in Russia with subsequent effective adaptation after enrollment in a Russian university. Based on this logic, the topics of HED issues are as follows:

The main TOPIC of the autumn issue. The best educational programs of Russian universities for foreigners are a showpiece of the higher education system in Russia. Within the topic, the journal publishes materials that familiarize the international audience — final-year school students, who are prospective applicants, with high-potential majors, specialties and fields of studies offered by Russian universities.

The main TOPIC of the winter issue. «An enrollment campaign is starting, on your mark!» Within the topic, the journal publishes information on a correct and proper order and algorithms of an applicant’s participation in an enrollment campaign.

The main TOPIC of the spring issue. «After enrollment. We are going to Russia!.» Within the topic, the journal publishes articles devoted to effective adaptation of prospective first-year students in Russia.

The main TOPIC of the summer issue. «Choosing a profession! Development of a future educational path and career.» Within the topic, the journal publishes materials on career guidance, an ability to develop a future career and a relevant «educational path» at Russian universities.

THE HED MISSION is to enhance Russia’s attractiveness for international applicants and unlock the export potential of Russian education.

THE HED OBJECTIVE is to render effective media assistance in high-quality provision of reliable and up-to-date information on peculiarities of educational programs implemented by Russian universities to international applicants.



Each issue is supposed to comprise regular columns including those relevant to the topics of actions of the priority project «Development of the Export Potential of the Russian Education System» as well the topics of the issue:

Rossotrudnichestvo. A comment

Interviews with the Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Directorate and the agency’s experts as well as speeches, comments, brief interviews of the experts of Rossotrudnichestvo dedicated to the topics of regular columns.

Friendly relationship
The column presents the best experience, joint educational projects and well-established practices of Russian universities’ cooperation with a particular country/ geographic region. The column is also developed in accordance with the priority project action — the program «A Favorable Environment for International Students.»

Discovering Russia
The column is developed in accordance with the priority project action — the program «Educational Tourist Routes of Russia.»

Young science
Stories of/interviews with the best students as well as young researchers, postgraduate students, Master’s students of Russian universities about new advanced fields of science and research projects implemented at Russian universities.

Russian education ambassadors
The column is developed in accordance with the priority project action — the program «Russian Education Ambassadors.» It is supposed to comprise publications of/interviews with graduates who are foreign citizens.

The column provides reliable information which is beneficial to international applicants. It reflects Russian universities’ activities, various aspects of life in Russia and its regions, etc. It is developed in accordance with the priority project action— the program «A Favorable Environment for International Students.»

On-the-spot reports. Announcements
The column presents summarizing reports on key international and countrywide events intended for applicants (fairs, webinars, forums, exhibitions, etc.) as well as announcements of forthcoming key educational events.


  • An image-building publication
  • Promotional materials
  • An expert interview
  • Media (news) partnership
  • Joint projects


The e-journal is available at

The printed journal and the promo journal with a QR code is circulated among 80 representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo.

The PDF journal (with a circulation of 15,000) is sent to experts from Russia and other CIS countries.



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