If you are an educational organization, and intend to

  • find associates abroad for collaboration projects
  • select an academic exchange program
  • invite foreign colleagues to your events
  • advise foreign educators on vacancies in your academia
  • present information on your achievements to your partners

declare about yourself in the HED, and

  • thousands of the world universities will discover your information
  • you will find sponsors for implementation of collaboration projects, educators and students for academic exchange programs
  • you will inform foreign colleagues on your international events

Publication in the Higher Education Discovery journal

About the journal

The Higher Education Discovery journal has been published since 2017 and disseminated in 80 countries. The list of countries was compiled through a preliminary survey of the international departments of educational institutions. Our subscribers in these countries are universities, national ministries, quality assurance agencies, organizations dealing with matters of academic exchange, recognition of diplomas, and search for international partners.

The journal is published in the print and online versions in the English language. The sections of Country Experience and National Accreditation Systems present information on countries’ education systems, national projects and state programs in vocational and higher education, national quality evaluation and assurance systems, accreditation methodologies, standards, criteria, training systems for professional experts in quality assurance.

The World Education Rankings section comprises information presented by ranking agencies on evaluation methods, national ranking systems and the main tendencies revealed in the higher education system according to the rating results.

Subject categories

  1. Country experience
  2. National systems of accreditation
  3. World education rankings
  4. Partner search

Find detailed information on the subject categories of the HED journal:

1Country experience
  • presentation of the national education system;
  • current national projects and state programmes
    in the field of the professional and higher education;
  • mechanisms of integration of a national system
    into the global education (projects, activities, target
    indicators of the educational export, participation in the
    international research in the field of education, etc.);
  • effective export strategies of the national education
    (grants, projects, programmes to promote academic mobility).
organization (expert) representing
the educational system of the country
2National systems of accreditation
  • presentation of the national system of assessment
    and quality assurance;
  • accreditation methodology, standards, criteria;
  • training systems for the expert community in the
    field of assessment and quality assurance;
  • participation in the international networks assessment
    activities and quality assurance;
  • quality of education: current issues for your country.
organization (expert) representing
the educational system of the country
3World education rankings
  • presentation of the national rating system including
    information on your agency);
  • emphases of assessment methods;
  • analysis of the main tendencies in the higher education
    system according to the rating results (including an export
    potential of the national educational system).
the rating agency
of the country
4Partner search
  • general image-building information on the University
    and its international projects;
  • information on searching for sponsors and partners
    for common projects;
  • presentation of academic exchange programmes to
    potential partners;
  • invitation of foreign educators and students;
  • information on the international events taking
    place in the University;
  • articles on current issues of international
    cooperation, etc.
educational organization
(international department)

Project mission

Help education systems to be transparent; create a favorable environment for integration in higher education.

Proposals for entities

To educational institutions looking for foreign partners, we offer publications in the special section SEARCH for International Partners.

The introduction materials of the institution may include

  • general image-building information about the institution and its international projects;
  • information on the search for sponsors and partners for joint projects;
  • academic exchange programs;
  • information on international events hosted by the educational institution;
  • an analytical article on topical issues of international cooperation, etc.

Publication in the Higher Education Discovery Journal (HED) PRICE LIST

SpecificationsNumber of pagesCirculation
165 х 240 mm70-10080 countries, 10,000 subscribers
UnitDescription*Price, USD
Standard placement
1 pageInformation on educational organization in the
form of an article, an interview, an essay,
news, event information, graphic information, etc.
375 $
2 pages
(two-page spread)
(8,000 characters with
640 $
3 pages
(12,000 characters with
905 $
4 pages1 015 $
Special placement
Front coverPhoto of educational organization1815 $
Inside front cover,
Inside back cover
Full page insertion containing photos,
pictures, citations, slogans, logos, short
information, announcements, etc.
1015 $
Back cover1415 $
Promotional page640 $


Discounts and special conditions (including bonus pages) available to committed partners.

Technical requirements to submitted files:

Text files are accepted in the Microsoft Word format, photos – 300dpi (without compression and processing), logos in a vector file format (Corel, AdobeIllustrator), press ready materials in a vector file format (Corel, AdobeIllustrator), fonts in curves.

*Prices are valid as of 01.03.2018. Total value of the contract is indicated in US Dollars (USD) and VAT exclusive. Payments to be effected in US Dollars (USD).


Andrei Shumelev
HED Project Coordinator
Phone: +7 (8362) 72-40-80
Mobile: +7 (937) 111-50-40