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Finland, Lappeenranta, Imatra

For Business & Economics, Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health, Engineering & Technology fields

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is looking for partners for mutual planning and financing research and development projects with a focus on internationalization, user-orientation in service businesses, technological innovations, customer-orientation and effectiveness in health services. For detailed information, feel free to contact Henri Karppinen, Research Manager, Business and Culture, phone +358 40 6313800 Kaisu Laasonen, Research Manager, Health care and Social Services, phone +358 40 5596902

Deadline 01.01.2019

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Finland, Lappeenranta, Imatra

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences in Finland. It was founded in 1969. It has 3,000 students (200 foreign ones) and offers degrees in five fields. The main partners are Western Europe, Nordic countries, Russia, China and Malaysia.


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