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Student mobility

Russia, Sochi

Sochi State University, key regional university, jointly with world leader in touristic education Institut Vatel has opened admission process for Bachelor's program in international hotel management. Graduates receive two diplomas - Russian from SSU and international from Vatel. Education in Russian and English. Unique dual educational system - 2 weeks of academic courses alternate with 1 week of internship. Tuition fees are up to 30 times lower than in European Vatel campuses! For further information and, Anna Zabara +7962-886-15-42

Deadline 15.08.2018

Sochi State University

Russia, Sochi

SSU is a leader in tourism education since 1989. It is a key university of Krasnodar region with academic programs that include tourism, service, economics, state and municipal management, law, design, construction, programming, business IT, psychology, pedagogical education, advertising and PR etc.


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