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Educational events

13.03.2019 - 15.03.2019
Finland, Rovaniemi

Arctic University of Norway invites you to participate in the 10th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference 'New thinking about local agriculture in the circumpolar Arctic – Best practices, innovations and perspectives' that will take place on March 13 - 15, 2019 at the Arctic Center of University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland. The conference is the tenth in line of international conferences organized within the framework of CAA (Circumpolar Agriculture Association), aimed at people involved in northern agriculture such as researchers, practitioners, administrators, managers, policy-makers and students. The conference will address a bottom-up approach and new thinking of local agriculture, food production and rural development in the northern areas. The goal is to open up and discuss versatile meanings of circumpolar agriculture and call for new thinking to address its topical challenges and opportunities. In accordance with the theme of Finland’s Chairmanship period of the Arctic Council, UN Sustainable Development Goals will be highlighted in the program. The sessions will examine among others best practices and resilient solutions in the utilization of animal and plant resources, local breeds, reindeer herding, small-scale farming and non-timber forest products. The conference will address the high quality of arctic foods, their local profitability and business opportunities. The importance of food security and sustainability in different regions and countries will also be discussed. The conference is hosted by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland; other co-organisers are ProAgria Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Regional Council of Lapland, Reindeer Herders’ Association and Metsähallitus. For important dates and other information please see

Deadline 29.10.2018

Educational events

06.11.2018 - 08.11.2018

For Arts & Humanities fields

Arctic University of Norway invites you to participate in the Relate North 2018 Symposium in Nesna, Norway, on October 6-8.
Relate North 2018 Symposium: Collaborative Art, Design and Education will focus on the wider perspective of collaborative practices within the Arctic region. This includes art and design projects within and between society, schools, universities, business, culture, tourism and well-being. RELATE NORTH is a collaboration between the University of the Arctic’s Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design thematic network (ASAD), Nord University Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Lapland, UArctic and Helgeland Museum. This will be the seventh symposium in the series hosted by ASAD. ASAD network aims to identify and share innovative practices in learning, teaching, research and knowledge exchange in the fields of art, design and visual culture education. The network promotes cooperation and collaboration between academic institutions and communities with the purpose of working towards a shared understanding of critical issues relevant to people living in the north. Every year the RELATE NORTH symposium attract leading scholars and artists from around the circumpolar north to present research and debate issues of concern in the north through the lens of art and design theory and practice. Detailed information about application is available at

Deadline 05.11.2018

Scholarships and grants

Norway, Tromsø

For Arts & Humanities fields

The Department of Language and Culture at the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) offers one four-year Doctoral Research Fellowship (PhD) within Media and Documentation Studies/Archive, Library and Museum Studies.
The purpose of the PhD Research Fellowship is research training leading to the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation to be defended publicly. The candidate will be affiliated with the Faculty's organised research training, and the academic work must result in a doctoral thesis aiming to obtain the degree of PhD within the period of employment. Admission to a PhD program is a prerequisite for employment, and the programme period starts on commencement of the position.
The successful candidate must meet the requirements for admission to the Faculty’s PhD program, cf. § 6 of UiT PhD regulations. Moreover, the applicant must prove English language proficiency equivalent to the standards of Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification, see PhD Regulations UiT. For more information, see also For further information about the position (and the project), please contact Professor Andreas Vårheim, phone +47 – 77 64 57 39, e-mail: or the Head of Department of Language and Culture Eystein Dahl, phone +47 77 64 42 90, e-mail:

Deadline 31.10.2018

Arctic University of Norway

Norway, Tromsø

Arctic University of Norway is one of eight universities in Norway. It was founded in 1968. It is the largest research and educational institution in northern Norway.


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