The outstanding achievements of PhD-student of KazNU

Новости образовательных организаций

PhD-student of al-Farabi KazNU Munziya Abutalip conducted research on synthesis of hydrophobically modified polybetaines from January, 2018 to December 16th, 2018 in Dr. Nuraje’s research lab, Energy-driven Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering lab at Texas Tech University, USA. Munziya arrived at Texas Tech University, she immediately discussed a research topic on polybetaines with Dr. Nuraje. She did excellent literature search on polybetaines and started her synthesis work. She successfully developed a RAFT polymerization technique for hydrophobically polybetaines with her collaborator, Mr. Xiao Zhao. This work is very important because it is not only to synthesize hydrophobically modified polybetaine using living radical polymerization, but also, separate tautomers of the monomers for the first time. At present, her work was accepted to publish in American Society of Chemistry journal—Langmuir which is high impact journal(IF:4.1) in polymer and colloid science. In addition to this, she also focused on investigating hydrophobically modified polybetaines with different hydrophobic groups and study self-assembly of these polymers. She also found that these polymers have important paraffin inhibition effect. These works are very successful. At present she is submit second manuscript to American Society of Chemistry journal—Langmuir. In such a short period (11 months), she received outstanding results. For her outstanding accomplishment, she received a certificate signed by Texas Tech University’ provost. In addition to her research, she is very kind and helpful person. Her personality is easygoing so that he had a good relationship with all the lab members. During this period, she mentored two undergraduate students.  

Dr. Nuraje, research lab, Energy-driven Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering lab at Texas Tech University, USA.