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University of Management TISBI

Учреждение высшего образования «Университет управления «ТИСБИ»

The founder and Rector of the University of Management TISBI: Nella Matveevna PRUSS, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Prof. Pruss graduated from Kazan State Pedagogical Institute with a degree in English Language Teaching. She started her pedagogical ca­reer at KazanSecondary School  №127 in 1963 ; and her higher education career  in 1965 at Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology. The academic title of Professor was conferred on her in 2002.

In 1992, at the initiative of N.M. Pruss, the first accredited non-state higher education institution of Tatarstan – Tatar Institute of Business Assistance was established. Today it has transformed into the University of Management TISBI.

In the role of Rector, N.M. Pruss actively develops state-of-the-art educational technologies in order to make TISBI a new generation entrepreneurial university.

Today N.M. Pruss is actively involved in the implementation of the UNESCO projects: she concurrently holds the positions of the Head of the International UNESCO Department, the National Coordinator of the  the UNESCO Associated Schools Network in the Russian Federation, Director of the UNEVOCCenter. Besides, Rector of TISBI is an Academician of the Russian Academy of Humanities and the International Academy of Management, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Chairperson of the Council of Associations of Non-State Universities of the Volga region and Cis-Urals, a member of the Expert Council on the Problems of Integration of Education, Science and Industry of the Education Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a member of the Expert Council on Special and Inclusive Education of the Education Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering

09.03.03 Applied Informatics

38.03.01 Economics

38.03.02 Management

38.03.04State and  Municipal Management

38.04.01 Economics

43.03.01 Service

Address: 13, Mushtari Street, Kazan, 420012, Russia

Rector's Office: (843) 294-83-33, e-mail: tisbi@tisbi.ru

Admissions Office: (843) 294-83-25, e-mail: abiturient@tisbi.ru

License 90Л01 №0009208, Reg. №2168 of May 31, 2016 valid indefinitely

State Accreditation Certificate 90А01 №0002132, Reg. №2033 of June 23, 2016 valid till August 4, 2020